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Pennsylvania ZIP Code 5 List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Pennsylvania. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detail information.

ZIP Code is the postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). ZIP is short for Zone Improvement Plan, which implies that mail can be delivered to its destination more efficiently and quickly. There are two types of zip codes in U.S, five digit zip code and nine digit zip code respectively. The basic ZIP number consists of five digits, followed by four more numbers, allowing the mail to be delivered to the destination more accurately. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd digits indicate the distribution area or the processing and distribution center. The 4th and 5th digits indicate the post office or the distribution area. Plus 4-digit zip code identifies a very specific geographic position within the zip code, such as a city block, apartment group, an individual receiver of mail, a post office box, or any other unit.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
PADelaware CountyBARRYVILLE12719
PAPike CountySPARROW BUSH12780
PAErie CountyCLYMER14724
PABradford CountyPINE CITY14871
PABeaver CountyALIQUIPPA15001
PAAllegheny CountyAMBRIDGE15003
PAWashington CountyATLASBURG15004
PAAllegheny CountyBADEN15005
PAAllegheny CountyBAIRDFORD15006
PAAllegheny CountyBAKERSTOWN15007
PABeaver CountyBEAVER15009
PABeaver CountyBEAVER FALLS15010
PAFayette CountyBELLE VERNON15012
PAAllegheny CountyBRACKENRIDGE15014
PAAllegheny CountyBRADFORDWOODS15015
PAAllegheny CountyBRIDGEVILLE15017
PAAllegheny CountyBUENA VISTA15018
PAWashington CountyBULGER15019
PAAllegheny CountyBUNOLA15020
PAWashington CountyBURGETTSTOWN15021
PAWashington CountyCHARLEROI15022
PAAllegheny CountyCHESWICK15024
PAAllegheny CountyCLAIRTON15025
PAAllegheny CountyCLINTON15026
PABeaver CountyCONWAY15027
PAAllegheny CountyCOULTERS15028
PAAllegheny CountyCREIGHTON15030
PAAllegheny CountyCUDDY15031
PAAllegheny CountyCURTISVILLE15032
PAWashington CountyDONORA15033
PAAllegheny CountyDRAVOSBURG15034
PAAllegheny CountyEAST MC KEESPORT15035
PAAllegheny CountyELIZABETH15037
PAWashington CountyELRAMA15038
PABeaver CountyFREEDOM15042
PABeaver CountyGEORGETOWN15043
PAAllegheny CountyGIBSONIA15044
PAAllegheny CountyGLASSPORT15045
PAAllegheny CountyCRESCENT15046
PAAllegheny CountyGREENOCK15047
PAAllegheny CountyHARWICK15049
PABeaver CountyHOOKSTOWN15050
PAAllegheny CountyINDIANOLA15051
PABeaver CountyINDUSTRY15052
PAWashington CountyJOFFRE15053
PAWashington CountyLANGELOTH15054
PAWashington CountyLAWRENCE15055
PAAllegheny CountyLEETSDALE15056
PAAllegheny CountyMC DONALD15057
PABeaver CountyMIDLAND15059
PAWashington CountyMIDWAY15060
PABeaver CountyMONACA15061
PAWestmoreland CountyMONESSEN15062
PAAllegheny CountyMONONGAHELA15063
PAAllegheny CountyMORGAN15064
PAAllegheny CountyNATRONA HEIGHTS15065
PABeaver CountyNEW BRIGHTON15066
PAWashington CountyNEW EAGLE15067
PAAllegheny CountyNEW KENSINGTON15068
PAWestmoreland CountyNEW KENSINGTON15069
PAAllegheny CountyOAKDALE15071
PAWestmoreland CountyPRICEDALE15072
PABeaver CountyROCHESTER15074
PAAllegheny CountyRURAL RIDGE15075
PAAllegheny CountyRUSSELLTON15076
PABeaver CountySHIPPINGPORT15077
PAWashington CountySLOVAN15078
PABeaver CountySOUTH HEIGHTS15081
PAAllegheny CountySTURGEON15082
PAWestmoreland CountySUTERSVILLE15083
PAAllegheny CountyTARENTUM15084
PAAllegheny CountyTRAFFORD15085
PAAllegheny CountyWARRENDALE15086
PAWestmoreland CountyWEBSTER15087
PAAllegheny CountyWEST ELIZABETH15088
PAAllegheny CountyWEST NEWTON15089
PAAllegheny CountyWEXFORD15090
PAAllegheny CountyWILDWOOD15091
PAAllegheny CountyWARRENDALE15095
PAAllegheny CountyWARRENDALE15096